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Why didn’t I get her number???

14 Jan

Capitol View Park

Back when I was second year college, I met a very extra ordinary girl in sitting on a bench in Capitol View Park in Malolos. Knowing myself, I am a very shy person who used to just stay quite when I’m with a person whom I barely knew. But I don’t know what happened that day, it’s the first time that I saw her but our conversations were like we’ve known each other for years.

After a couple of hours talking and sharing of our life and love experiences, she said that she’s going to meet and get something from her Aunt,which is in Malolos Bayan. I was speechless for seconds, but with a surge of self-confidence I asked her if I could accompany her without any hopes that she would say yes. Continue reading


Love: Cell phones are allowed, but not required.

9 Nov

OK, given that because of these gadgets communication easily speed up. By texting or calling,   a way to express yourNot required love even if the other person is in the other side of the world. But on the other hand, I don’t get it why some people, couples in particular, argue because of these gadgets?  And some, no one that I know of but it’s possible, even break-up.
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