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Nothing is more fulfilling when you reached the top

31 Aug

Top view of Mt. Gulugod Baboy


Should I wait for the Sun to rise or go before it has fully risen?

31 Jan

Yesterday ,at dawn ,I went biking alone to Sta. Elena. I stop at the a bridge to look around the surrounding and figure that the sun is about to shine. I went on biking, then suddenly the hind wheel got busted. I slow down. I stop, and try to digest what just happened. I was about 3 kilometers away from home, no money on my pocket and a bike with a busted tire to carry.

The sun is still about to rise as I walk with the shameful feeling every time I come across people from there. Thank goodness the sun hasn’t risen yet. Only a few people are at the streets as I walk by, slowly. I stopped at the bridge that I mentioned earlier . The sun is about to rise. Great! Continue reading

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