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I miss WordPressing

15 Apr

So ayun, Vacation mode ang aking blogsite due to restricted Internet connection.hehe Marami pa naman akong gustong i-share. syempre photos, photos and some life experience. Also I miss reading other bloggers post. But its ok, para maiba naman. hehehe


Should I wait for the Sun to rise or go before it has fully risen?

31 Jan

Yesterday ,at dawn ,I went biking alone to Sta. Elena. I stop at the a bridge to look around the surrounding and figure that the sun is about to shine. I went on biking, then suddenly the hind wheel got busted. I slow down. I stop, and try to digest what just happened. I was about 3 kilometers away from home, no money on my pocket and a bike with a busted tire to carry.

The sun is still about to rise as I walk with the shameful feeling every time I come across people from there. Thank goodness the sun hasn’t risen yet. Only a few people are at the streets as I walk by, slowly. I stopped at the bridge that I mentioned earlier . The sun is about to rise. Great! Continue reading

My First Rainbow Shot

27 Jan

Ever since I had my camera last year, I was always hoping to get a rainbow shot.

It’s one of the Top ten images that I want to capture. Though it’s fading but it’s a start.

(Click the image to view in Higher Resolution)

Did you see it???

Why didn’t I get her number???

14 Jan

Capitol View Park

Back when I was second year college, I met a very extra ordinary girl in sitting on a bench in Capitol View Park in Malolos. Knowing myself, I am a very shy person who used to just stay quite when I’m with a person whom I barely knew. But I don’t know what happened that day, it’s the first time that I saw her but our conversations were like we’ve known each other for years.

After a couple of hours talking and sharing of our life and love experiences, she said that she’s going to meet and get something from her Aunt,which is in Malolos Bayan. I was speechless for seconds, but with a surge of self-confidence I asked her if I could accompany her without any hopes that she would say yes. Continue reading

My 10.10.10 Experience

19 Dec

takbo para sa pasig


I wake up that day at 3am, in my officemate’s apartment in Makati, take a shower and wear my battle suit for the marathon. I Placed every valuable things on my bag that I needed for the race, my cell phone, camera, extra clothing, towel and some extra money that its weighs about 4 or 5 kilograms. Then I ride a jeep to Pasong Tamo-Buendia Ave Intersection and on there I just walk my way to the venue of the 10K race which is Makati Ave-Ayala Ave intersection.

On my way there, I start to jog a bit to warm-up, and as I was nearing the venue I was stunned by the mass of people waiting at the starting line. The moment I get there, my first priority was to find where the runners would put their bags, as it is said on the videos for the event.

It took me a while to find it. But when I do, my jaw dropped as one of the coordinator said that they can’t carry more bags because the trucks are already full so we’ll just have to carry our bags all throughout the race. As if my world just fell and I keep telling myself

“Why am I here?”

“I have to carry my heavy bag?”

“This is not fair! How can I run properly with this?”

But then, I saw some runners having the same problem. “OK”. I said to myself. “If they could do then I could do it also.” So I put up myself and concentrate on the race. Warm-up a bit again and before I know it they were all yelling that the race was about to start.

takbo para sa pasig

Continue reading

My Water Rafting Experience Feb 13 2010

14 Dec

(Click the image to go next)

Cartoon episode that inspired me to be inclined to Computers

9 Dec

This is an episode of Detective Conan Anime series that inspired me to become a computer person, even though the computer programmer here is the villain in the story.


Continue reading

10 Places I like to see before i die.

27 Nov

Note: All the pictures shown are not my shots. I’ll just replace each 1 as I visit there.


A letter to my 16 Year old Self

15 Nov

Dear Me,

Hey there little buddy. Congratulations! You’re now a high school graduate. Even though you didn’t graduate with honors due to some technical problems, you sure prove to them that you’re really something, being the best in Math and Best in Science. And it’s OK; it doesn’t really matter in college anyway.

I write to you to give you a heads up on what to expect in college and after that. Yes. You’ve read it right, After that. You’ll graduate in college, thanks to the perseverance of your parents and relatives and a politician. You’ll owe them a lot. Don’t forget to pay them with your hard work in school.

I know right now you’re worried of many things,  like college, friends, love life Continue reading

Why am I still single???

12 Nov
Lately, that’s the most kind of questions I get from friends.
Maybe they ask that because i am at the start of the what they so called
‘Marrying Age’. And most of my elementary and high-school batch-mates are
already married, well, maybe some.Then I answer them with cliche answers like:
“I’m so busy eh” or
“I just like being single” or
“Im just enjoying life” or
something like “Pahinga muna.Huh!” 

I am such a good liar.. Continue reading

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