To Edit, or Not to Edit

I am a PAS (Point and Shoot Camera) user. I am very contented with my PAS camera becauseI can capture some great shots with it, mostly without post processing. Some even are surprised when asks me If I am using a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera.

Browsing photography websites that uses DSLR’s,  Although they achieve considerable distance in terms of picture quality, Most of them do Post Processing of their pictures using various Photo Editing softwares. Because of that, I always wonder why DSLR users do that because they already have a that kind of powerful camera.

And because I can’t find answers  anywhere  I consult dear old Yahoo Answers. So my question was :  Why does DSLR users usually use an Photo-Editing softwares in their photos? I usually come across some photography websites that promotes the use of Photo editing softwares. And I want to understand why? Because DSLR cameras are usually expensive so in to that sense it should have provide the best shots that it would not need to be edited by a Photo-editing software.

Luckily someone answer my question.

Hondo : “DSLR cameras are expensive because they give you complete control so that you can capture the best starting image. Point and shoot cameras apply post processing in the camera by increasing sharpness, color saturation, brightness, white balance, and several other things. DSLR cameras are designed to give you control by NOT taking the photographer out of the post processing, and instead allowing them to use the post processing techniques they desire using photo editing software later on.

ALL professional and advanced amateurs use photo editing software to process their images the way they want to get the image they wish. Photo editing software has taken the place of the darkroom in the digital age. A lot of changes were made during developing in the darkroom in the film days…now those changes are done using software.”


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