the Smiling Bottle Opener

Always find a reason to smile, Smiling bottle opener
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This was given to me by our Managing Director. Always  useful during special occasions. I almost lost it more than trice, because my friends try to nook it.

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The Tiki

The Tiki
The Tiki

If you don’t know a what a Tiki is, a Tiki refers to a large wood and stone carvings of humanoid forms in Central Eastern Polynesian cultures of the Pacific Ocean.  Well, the one in the picture is not technically a Tiki because it is not curved in a large wood or stone but instead it is curved in a large spoon on the handle part of it.

Flora and Fauna:001

So here comes my first post on my new segment on this blog. Anything about Flora and Fauna. The Flora is shot at the backyard of my cousin’s house Sorsogon, Bicol sometime in October 2010 with my mom and my little brother Sam. And the Fauna is shot in a Bahay Kubo near Bonga-Buyuan Gully also in Bicol but in a different trip with my 3 close Friends namely Lhisa, Karen and Fivie.


A flora (with a lower case ‘f’) refers to the plant life occurring in a particular region, generally the naturally occurring or indigenous plant life, while a Flora (with a capital ‘F’) refers to a book or other work describing a flora and including aids for the identification of the plants it contains such as botanical keys and line drawings that illustrate the characters that distinguish the different plants.


All the species of animals found in a particular region, period, or special environment. Five faunal realms, based on terrestrial animal species, are generally recognized: Holarctic, including Nearactic (North America) and Paleartic (Eurasia and northern Africa); Paleotropical (tropical Africa and Southeast Asia); Neotropical (Central and South America); Australian; and Antarctic.