Why didn’t I get her number???

14 Jan

Capitol View Park

Back when I was second year college, I met a very extra ordinary girl in sitting on a bench in Capitol View Park in Malolos. Knowing myself, I am a very shy person who used to just stay quite when I’m with a person whom I barely knew. But I don’t know what happened that day, it’s the first time that I saw her but our conversations were like we’ve known each other for years.

After a couple of hours talking and sharing of our life and love experiences, she said that she’s going to meet and get something from her Aunt,which is in Malolos Bayan. I was speechless for seconds, but with a surge of self-confidence I asked her if I could accompany her without any hopes that she would say yes. But surprisingly she said yes.

Shortly after, her talk to her Aunt, while we are walking she said that she needs to go home now because she might get late (She’s from Balagtas, Bulacan BTW). But I manage to gather all of my courage and ask her if it’s ok for her if we could get a picture of ourselves, since that time digicams were not yet affordable to the market, the only available venue is a photo studio. Then again, I was surprised that she said yes.
After the shoot, I still think of a way to make her stay but nothing comes to mind. So I accompany her to the nearest Karatig jeepney, wave to each other and I headed to the Hagonoy Jeep terminal. I didn’t see her since then.

Years after, a friend, not knowing the story, introduced me to the Movie called “Serendipity”. After I’ve watched the movie I immediately remembered her. Thinking that, it could also happen to us. But, our story doesn’t have a “Love in the time of cholera book” and a dollar bill to write our names and phone numbers but only a pictures of us, which I have only the copy because it took 3 days of processing.

IF ONLY I HAVE ASKED HER NUMBER. But that time, I put all my faith in fate believing and hoping that if it is destined we will meet again (maybe too much watching of movies). But now, my perspectives have changed. IF ONLY I HAVE ASKED HER NUMBER. Maybe I could have known what would have been fated for us.

But damn, I could have loved that girl.


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