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Should I wait for the Sun to rise or go before it has fully risen?

31 Jan

Yesterday ,at dawn ,I went biking alone to Sta. Elena. I stop at the a bridge to look around the surrounding and figure that the sun is about to shine. I went on biking, then suddenly the hind wheel got busted. I slow down. I stop, and try to digest what just happened. I was about 3 kilometers away from home, no money on my pocket and a bike with a busted tire to carry.

The sun is still about to rise as I walk with the shameful feeling every time I come across people from there. Thank goodness the sun hasn’t risen yet. Only a few people are at the streets as I walk by, slowly. I stopped at the bridge that I mentioned earlier . The sun is about to rise. Great! Continue reading


Our Scattered Garden

28 Jan

Even though our house is not surrounded by soil to plant plants we , but mostly my father, have manage to raise them on pots, old tree trunks end even in large sea shells.

(I don’t know the name of some plants, so if you know, please do let me know)

pink flower

Yellow Bell

cactus on seashell

Cactus on Sea Shell 1

cactus on seashell

Cactus on Sea Shell 2

cactus on seashell

Cactus take 3


Mysterious Flower1

Mysterious Flower2

I don't know the name

My First Rainbow Shot

27 Jan

Ever since I had my camera last year, I was always hoping to get a rainbow shot.

It’s one of the Top ten images that I want to capture. Though it’s fading but it’s a start.

(Click the image to view in Higher Resolution)

Did you see it???

Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011

26 Jan

click the Image to go to its Website

It started way back in 1994, three years after the devastating effects of the G.Mount Pinatubo eruption. Tourism Secretary Mina Gabor together with Korean businessman and hot-air balloon pilot, Mr. Sung Kee Paik, and British Airways General Manager, Mr. John Emery, and the German aviation enthusiast Max Motschmann engineered the Philippine International hot air balloon festival to help jumpstart the local economy and spirit of the Central Luzon region with the commitment of developing hot air ballooning as an aviation sport in the country and making the Philippines one of the leading sports aviation and travel destinations Continue reading

Earth Hour 2011

21 Jan

Let us make a difference by these little things for mother Earth.


So near yet so far

21 Jan

This is a photo of my friend looking at the scenery on our boat ride to Taal Volcano. One of the Stolen shots that I made during our trip there.

So near yet so far..


Inaway ako sa Yahoo Answers

20 Jan

So it started yesterday when I ask a question in Yahoo Answers about our countries cold weather condition and its relation to the rise of the sea level.

All im just saying is that it is colder now because some of the Ice are melting in the nearby countries and because of that the sea level might increase. Continue reading

On top of a Volcano

17 Jan

A breath-taking view of the Taal Volcano Crater.

(Click the image to see in Higher resolution)

a panorama view of the Taal Volcano Crater

Taal Volcano Crater

Originally uploaded by kayoyama

Continue reading

Why didn’t I get her number???

14 Jan

Capitol View Park

Back when I was second year college, I met a very extra ordinary girl in sitting on a bench in Capitol View Park in Malolos. Knowing myself, I am a very shy person who used to just stay quite when I’m with a person whom I barely knew. But I don’t know what happened that day, it’s the first time that I saw her but our conversations were like we’ve known each other for years.

After a couple of hours talking and sharing of our life and love experiences, she said that she’s going to meet and get something from her Aunt,which is in Malolos Bayan. I was speechless for seconds, but with a surge of self-confidence I asked her if I could accompany her without any hopes that she would say yes. Continue reading

Top ten images I want to Capture

11 Jan

As a Photography Enthusiast/Hobbyist there are images that i want to capture. And here are my top ten:

Some are impossible to achieve with the camera that i use today. But who knows, I might pull it off or get a camera upgrade in the future, but i need a higher salary first to afford it. =)

These photos are not mine.
1. A Flying Bird. preferably an Eagle. I need a super zoom camera for this.

(Click the image to go next)

Flying Eagle

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