A letter to my 16 Year old Self

Dear Me,

Hey there little buddy. Congratulations! You’re now a high school graduate. Even though you didn’t graduate with honors due to some technical problems, you sure prove to them that you’re really something, being the best in Math and Best in Science. And it’s OK; it doesn’t really matter in college anyway.

I write to you to give you a heads up on what to expect in college and after that. Yes. You’ve read it right, After that. You’ll graduate in college, thanks to the perseverance of your parents and relatives and a politician. You’ll owe them a lot. Don’t forget to pay them with your hard work in school.

I know right now you’re worried of many things,  like college, friends, love life, opps  sorry I forgot you don’t have a love life yet ha ha!! But don’t worry you’ll get your chances. You’ll even get the girl of your dreams. Yes, the girl of your dreams. But sadly you’ll lose her, and after being bitter for sometime you’ll move on. Piece of cake. Haha.. Then comes your realization about love and relationships, but I won’t tell you that coz I know that you would like to know it by yourself.

Don’t worry much on college as I’ve written above you’ll graduate, instead worry on how you will help your parents for your daily allowance. Always assure to them that their hard work will not be wasted. Sometime here, your family will experience a little tragedy that will test your aspiration to finish your education.

About your friends in high school, you’ll stay in friends with them even though you don’t meet them that often. You’ll also find many friends in college and after college. Take care of them they will be your source of happiness every now and then.

Even if there’s more to say, I leave that to you to handle it by yourself, I know it’s just like a walk in the park for you. Just remember to always persevere in whatever you do. And someday everything will pay off.  I’ll write to you again soon.

Much love,



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