Why am I still single???

Lately, that’s the most kind of questions I get from friends.
Maybe they ask that because i am at the start of the what they so called
‘Marrying Age’. And most of my elementary and high-school batch-mates are
already married, well, maybe some.Then I answer them with cliche answers like:
“I’m so busy eh” or
“I just like being single” or
“Im just enjoying life” or
something like “Pahinga muna.Huh!” 

I am such a good liar..Well the truth is:
Even if I’m busy I can find time for someone special.
No i don’t like being single.
I’m enjoying life but I can enjoy it more if i can share it with someone.
And I’m done with resting and I miss the feeling of being with someone.

It’s true that after the last break-up I kinda feel and breath the
fresh air. Its kinda refreshing feeling not having to please *them whenever
*they have tantrums. Not having to say “I’m sorry” even if *they are wrong
Because doing that makes things better. But I’m missing it all now. I miss
*their tantrums. I miss the every war because after the war there is peace
and then there will be love. Na-gets  nyo?? d ko rin na gets eh..

But every time i find or meet someone which i think is a good
candidate (candidate? eleksyon??) there’s always something that gets in between.
Something like:
She’s not ready yet. (-1 pt)
She’s already taken. (-5 pts)
She’s not interested.(-9 pts)
She’s only 10 y/o.   (-10 pts)

Maybe all of that is for a reason fate hasn’t given her to me yet.
Maybe in the right time well come knocking at each others door but its locked.
And we’ll smash the window and enter and live happily ever after. -the end.

Now, when is the right time??? I don’t know. And dont want to complicate
my mind thinking when that day would come. I’ll just smash her window when it comes.

Now, why am i still single? Maybe the right answer would be.
I choose to be single, halfheartedly.

Or i could just wait for the 10 y/o. 8 years na lang naman legal na un.Joke.


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