Love: Cell phones are allowed, but not required.

OK, given that because of these gadgets communication easily speed up. By texting or calling,   a way to express yourNot required love even if the other person is in the other side of the world. But on the other hand, I don’t get it why some people, couples in particular, argue because of these gadgets?  And some, no one that I know of but it’s possible, even break-up.

I’ts funny how the reason why they argue is that the other one doesn’t reply to a text like “Kumain ka na ba?”, “Anu po gawa mu?” or even “naligo ka na ba?” lols..  Well, I admit I also am guilty of texting those kind of texts. “Nagaya lang naman ako sa iba “. haha  “Saka sayang ung unli eh”..haha sapul! 

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t use cell phones communicating with our loved ones because we might argue with them. My point is, if the other person doesn’t always text or call that much often, it isn’t a basis for you to conclude that they don’t love you anymore or they are cheating on you. If the both of you know that you love each other, there is no point of reassuring it by texting the whole day, and get mad if don’t get replied. And one more thing, there are many and much creative ways to express love rather than just through text.


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