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10 Places I like to see before i die.

27 Nov

Note: All the pictures shown are not my shots. I’ll just replace each 1 as I visit there.



The Real Rain

26 Nov

This is one of the funniest moment I’ve experienced in my life.

Nothing beats Cloud Watching

23 Nov
Feels like Heaven

Feels like Heaven

Other Flavors


It is still a perfect cone.

19 Nov
The bay at night

Mayon Volcano

A letter to my 16 Year old Self

15 Nov

Dear Me,

Hey there little buddy. Congratulations! You’re now a high school graduate. Even though you didn’t graduate with honors due to some technical problems, you sure prove to them that you’re really something, being the best in Math and Best in Science. And it’s OK; it doesn’t really matter in college anyway.

I write to you to give you a heads up on what to expect in college and after that. Yes. You’ve read it right, After that. You’ll graduate in college, thanks to the perseverance of your parents and relatives and a politician. You’ll owe them a lot. Don’t forget to pay them with your hard work in school.

I know right now you’re worried of many things,  like college, friends, love life Continue reading

Why am I still single???

12 Nov
Lately, that’s the most kind of questions I get from friends.
Maybe they ask that because i am at the start of the what they so called
‘Marrying Age’. And most of my elementary and high-school batch-mates are
already married, well, maybe some.Then I answer them with cliche answers like:
“I’m so busy eh” or
“I just like being single” or
“Im just enjoying life” or
something like “Pahinga muna.Huh!” 

I am such a good liar.. Continue reading

Deathly Hallows Opening Quotations

11 Nov

As November 18 is nearly coming, showing the 1st part of the Last Potter Movie.
I just would like to share the opening two quotations in J.K. Rowling’s Novel the

Deathly hallows

Deathly Hallows

It inspires me every time i hear or read it. Continue reading

Love: Cell phones are allowed, but not required.

9 Nov

OK, given that because of these gadgets communication easily speed up. By texting or calling,   a way to express yourNot required love even if the other person is in the other side of the world. But on the other hand, I don’t get it why some people, couples in particular, argue because of these gadgets?  And some, no one that I know of but it’s possible, even break-up.
Continue reading

I like what they did to this place.

7 Nov
Dacing light

Dacing light

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